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The Rainbow umbrella
The Rainbow umbrella
The Rainbow umbrella
The Rainbow umbrella

The Rainbow umbrella

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 Length: 85 cm         Diameter: 115 cm          Weight:  n/a


- Under the Rainbow:  This umbrella keeps you drier and safe than others in the UV sun rise and rain as the dome shaped covers and protects your head and shoulders more efficiently than any conventional umbrellas with an amazing fancy flower style. 


- So beautiful: Thanks to this ability and robustness, you will be so beautiful and no one will be able to resist to your amazing rainbow. Your colourful umbrella will be your best friend to follow you parading in parks or streets. 

- A perfect device to follow you everywhere:  this umbrella length is about 115 cm opened. Easy to handle in your wardrobe accessory, it will be used in any cases. All rainbow colours can fit your complete wardrobe.


- Historical background: Who didn´t use it in his life once. The umbrella is one of the most old and efficient designed item since 4000 years, it was created by Chinese and adapted during ages with new material able to be waterproof, sunproof, structure to be windproof and fashion, elegant or classic.